Our Beer

Fermenting the wheat beer

Hibiscus Wheat

A light wheat beer brewed with hibiscus, which gives it a pink hue, floral aroma and tropical flavors.

Blueberry Wheat

A light wheat beer brewed with local blueberries to add a fruity character to the wheat base.

Blackberry Wheat

A light wheat beer brewed with local blackberries to add a fruity character and tartness to the wheat aspect of this beer.

Golden Ale

(on tap) Brewed with Citra hops creating a citrus flavor and aroma. The hops balance nicely with the mild malts used.

Saison (barrel aged)

This beer is aged in our Honora Winery Chardonnay barrels. This gives our slightly tart saison a little hint of the chardonnay complexity without being overpowering. There are hints of toast while still being bright and delicious.


Brewed and dryhopped with Citra hops, creating an incredible tropical/citrus aroma and flavor.

the grains before they are milled


Trappist style ale brewed with many complex malts used to create a darker beer with hints of dried fruits.


Trappist style ale brewed with a mild grain combination and hops low in alpha acids. This creates a mild flavor with a full mouth feel while being a higher ABV.

Pumpkin Ale

We use one pound of pumpkin per gallon of beer made. Minimal spices used so you can really taste the pumpkin. This is not pie…You're welcome


This deep orange brew is a perfect balance of an initial malty sweetness followed by the toasted flavors and aromas. Happy Fall!

Red Ale

(on tap) There is a deep red hue given to this beer from the combination of caramel and dark roast malts. A small amount of cascade hops were added for balance.

our beer in a 16 oz can

Vanilla Porter

Our Vanilla Porter is brewed with whole Madagascar Vanilla bean to create a sweet aroma complimenting the smooth roasted malt finish.

Brown Ale

This brew has a creamy texture from the oats followed by toasted notes from the dark malts. There were high alpha acid hops added throughout the boil to give a hoppy finish.

Maple Brown Ale

(on tap) This Ale is brewed with Raw Vermont Sap instead of water. This adds a sweet complexity to our Brown Ale.

Coffee Stout

(on tap) Our Coffee Stout is brewed with dark roasted malts and cold brewed coffee. This makes the perfect breakfast beer!

adding hops

Oatmeal Stout

The dark malts and oatmeal were used to create the coffee and chocolate notes and smooth creamy finish.

Pepper Stout

We used a dried turkish pepper that is known for its chocolate, tobacco and smokey flavors to add a punch to this complex stout.


(on tap) This IIPA has 6 different types of hops, and dry hopped with Mosaic and El Dorado hops. It was brewed with tons of malt, and tons of hops to create this smooth hop fest.